Escape from the Box – Photo Essay Project

In this photo essay we will review the results of finding a way to say yes led to new work for our studio. Some ideas here may inspire you to stretch your studio business in new areas. Once we realized we are in the “getting memories on folks walls’ business” and not just a portrait studio several projects that started off as traditional studio work came our way. Check out the following photo essay on the golf flag frame project.

The client had 8 golf flags to frame. We made a demo product and had corner samples for the client to review. We also had the price quotes ready so the client could finalize the project on the spot. Folks are busy so being prepared often leads to a decision that saves everyone time.

Here we are mounting the flags in the float mat with an attach tool. The client chose a float design with Porcelain matting which has a black core. They chose moulding G10120, a rich brown design with a black rope near the inner lip.

We delivered the frames to the site for hanging. Be sure you are prepared to do the work by making a list of the supplies, tools and products needed. Try to prepare for the unexpected things like extra hanging hardware, levels and more. (We had a ladder and other supplies in the truck just in case)

The wall space was about 28 ft long and each frame was 31 in wide. Here we used a laser to shoot a level line to make sure the row of frames all lined up.

Since the frames are hung by a double mounting design we made a template out of a scrap piece of acrylic to speed up the measuring process. Using a template helps take into account the hanging offset between the location of the hanger and the edges of the frame.

The goal was to have the frames be spaced 6 inches apart. The hangers (Wall Buddies) can support up to 100 lbs. They also are self leveling in case there is a small variation during installation.

The finished wall. At least for now. The client will be adding more flags on another row across the top in the coming weeks ahead.

Champions Wall. This was the traditional studio work that opened the door to this fun project. Keep your business open to new opportunities by finding a way to say YES we can help you with that!

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